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Solar Process Heat
Joint SHC Task 64 / SolarPACES Task IV

Agenda for the 1st Experts Meeting
Cologne (Germany), 1st Meeting, March 25/26 2020



Wednesday, March 25th

18:00                     Meeting of Operating Agents and Subtask Leaders


Thursday, March 26th

08:00                  Internet-Connection Test

09:00                  Welcome and Introduction of the program

09:15                  Structured: Introduction of all participants

10:30                  Subtask A: Integrated energy systems

11:30                  Coffee break (unfortunately you will have to get your own coffee)

12:00                  Subtask B: Modularisation             

13:00                  Lunch

14:00                  Subtask C: Simulation and design tools

15:00                  Subtask D: Standardization/Certification

16:00                  Coffee Break

16:30                 Subtask E: Guideline to market                      

17:30                  Any other business, final remarks

18:00                  End of meeting